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This is the spoof journal of David Cameron. It is purely a parody of what we imagine a diary made by David Cameron would be like and hope you find the fake diary as funny.

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December 2013

Wednesday 11 December 13

With shit on Spoof j.w. (I know your names James Wallace!) claiming I wouldn't be at Parliamentary Question today, I had to return from South Africa q...

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Tuesday 10 December 13

Here I am in sunny South Africa to remember Nelson Mandela. Away from Awkward Questions for another week so it is worth the ordeal of praising the man...

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November 2013

Saturday 30 November 13

I think I've pulled it off. We'll get the energy prices down for the next election, ditch the green crap and keep everyone (or the ones that matter) h...

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August 2013

Friday 30 August 13

That was a bit of a cock up! That shit Miliband and the Ukip Tories fucked me up good and proper. It makes me look weak - how awful is that? No old...

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Wednesday 07 August 13

Things are going MY WAY - no that's Sinatra not Bing Crosby. The economy is looking up and zero hours contracts are all the rage. Unemployment under c...

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May 2013

Tuesday 14 May 13

Europe! What can I do? They are after me, the Bastards. Help! I've got support from Obama but he's not in Britain. They are out to get me. Perhaps I...

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April 2013

Thursday 18 April 13

Oh, that funeral. What a load of bores (and balls). And after all that there is no rise in our poll rating - or mine! The Queen looking really grim -...

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Tuesday 16 April 13

Things are going so well! First that Philpott case fell into our laps - a few children sacrificed to justify our welfare cuts. Very well timed. Big t...

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