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This is the spoof journal of David Beckham. It is purely a parody of what we imagine a diary made by David Beckham would be like and hope you find the fake diary as funny.

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December 2010

Wednesday 22 December 10

Arm ded fed up. Justin Bieber, that little squawking arsehole is getting more tension than me. Arm gonna get anuvver tatoo tomorra that says 'Bieber...

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Friday 03 December 10

What with Will and the PM I thought we had a chance of getting to host the 2018 World Cup. Of course stories of corruption in Fifa probably didn't hel...

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Wednesday 01 December 10

OK ah don't know Venice from Venicezuala and ah carn't speel neither. Brooklyn's helping me wif me writin'. But, ah'm not doing well. And ah've got al...

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October 2010

Wednesday 20 October 10

Had a chat wif wayne today. Wots he gonna do about Fergie? Colleen won't move abroad so 'e's stuck in England for now. Told him to fink about all 'is...

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July 2010

Sunday 18 July 10

Dear Diary, arm finkin' of 'aving anuvver 'ta'oo burra can' fink of wo' to 'ave i' of. A was gonna 'ave FA put on me arm inside a big 'art but Vicky...

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Saturday 17 July 10

'Wowser', saw this bloke on TV tonite what looked jus' like me, but he were talking like 'e ad a Personality an' Everyfink,..... Kewl! He was talking...

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June 2010

Tuesday 29 June 10

Nice to get back from South Africa and see the wife although I have to admit, I met a lot of children who looked like her in the refugee camps we visi...

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Sunday 20 June 10

Going tu inglish spulling clarses wiv victor...

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